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friendly reminder that millie and tacroy are (almost certainly) 100%

not white

so keep that in mind when fancasting/drawing fan-art.



things i want to happen in series 8:

-return of jenny - yay, jenny is awesome; she can ask after “aunt donna” and twelve actually looks old enough to be her father or if not, give jenny her own (feminist (which in this particular instance basically just means not written by moffat or…



A study into fandom hate of James Potter.

someone needs to make one of these about snape with “things people forget” including his massive amount of cruelty and abuse and “things people remember being “always”.

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THE DOG BEHIND THE “DOGE” MEME IS A PUPPY MILL SURVIVOR - “She was a pedigreed dog from a puppy mill, and when the puppy mill closed down, she was abandoned along with 19 other Shiba dogs…”

A Shiba Inu in Japan named Kabosu was one of 19 dogs in a puppy mill. Many of the others were killed, but Kabosu was rescued and adopted by a woman named Atsuko Sato. She posted some pictures of Kabosu online and somehow the pictures became the “doge” meme (along with another Shiba Inu). Read more from Kyle Chaka at The Verge

The furry face that launched a thousand quips nearly never made it to the web. Sato adopted Kabosu from an animal shelter in November, 2008, saving her from certain death. “She was a pedigreed dog from a puppy mill, and when the puppy mill closed down, she was abandoned along with 19 other Shiba dogs,” the teacher explained. “Some of them were adopted, but the rest of them were killed.”


“Kabosu is very different from the typical temperament of Shiba,” Sato explained. “She’s very gentle and calm; she loves being photographed.” The hundreds of photos on the blog have paid off, and not just on Reddit. Sato started her blog in June, 2009, aiming to raise awareness about the dangers of puppy mills and adopted pets, joining a network of pet blogs where Kabosu quickly found an audience. The site is now the fourth most popular pet blog in Japan, getting around 75,000 hits a month…

Sato does have a goal in mind to take advantage of her dog’s sudden notoriety. “I want more people to know about animal shelters and puppy mills,” she said. “I’d like to give back to them somehow, helping those abandoned animals. It’ll be nice that Kabosu can play that role.”

Kabosu escaped a horrible fate and is thankfully living a much better life, both on and offline. Click here for the full story.

such inspiring

much important


what a friend




Please Reblog!

My brother Thomas and his Buddy have always had the classic, inseparable, boy-and-his-dog relationships that people talk about in movies. It’s surreal, the amount of love and loyalty that these two souls have shared since Buddy was just a puppy. His eyes light up when Thomas walks into the room. When Thomas used to take the bus to and from school, Buddy would be there, waiting eagerly at the bus stop. The most exciting part of his day was seeing his best friend.

Thomas doesn’t take the bus anymore, he has his own car. And Buddy has grown up too- more round than tall, but grown he has. And their bond remains. It’s like they communicate wordlessly, with smiles or looks or, in one’s case, tail wags, imperceptible emotions that only each other can feel.

Buddy is very sick. A few days ago, he began vomiting blood. We were terrified, and took him to the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, where they’ve been taking excellent care of him.

Thomas, in his own quiet, teenage boy way, is devastated. We all are. Even the other animals in the house sense that something is wrong, something is missing, some part in our well-oiled machine is now empty.

Buddy has been diagnosed with Canine Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia. In short, it’s a clotting disorder. He’s bleeding internally, and the clotting disorder is keeping that from stopping. You can read about here, in a more technical and explanatory manner than I can say: http://www.svsvet.com/resources/canine-immune-mediated-thrombocytopenia-itp

Despite the grim outlook that we first held, this disorder actually has a pretty high survival rate of 90%. Our hearts have lightened somewhat at that number. We are nowhere near out of the woods, but there is hope, and hope is always worth clinging to.

But it is also important to be realistic. My mother just sent me through college. She’s sending my brother next year. As difficult as it is to say, we just don’t have the kind of money to deal with all of the treatments, medications, transfusions, overnight stays, and everything else that goes along with having a pet treated at a veterinary hospital.

But I don’t want to let that stop us from saving my brother’s best friend.

Please, if you can do anything to help us in this trying time, it will be more appreciated than you can ever know. Even if you can just help by sharing this, by letting more people see our plea, that increases our chances of receiving help.

Thank you so much for your generosity in time, donations, and love. You are all incredibly appreciated.


harry potter memenine characters [1/9] » Fleur Delacour

↳ “You thought I would not weesh to marry him? Or per’aps, you hoped? What do I care how he looks? I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk! All these scars show is zat my husband is brave!”


edith turns out to be the cool rockin’ aunt for both george and sybbie.

Heck yeah! Especially with Sybil gone and Mary depressed. Edith is the cool aunt who lives in London with her married boyfriend writing for the papers.